Cheap Go Carts For Sale

Cheap go carts for sale always meant someone was selling a rusty homemade frame with a used lawnmower engine that smoked like a mosquito sprayer. Those days are long gone. Today's Box-Stock go kart racing classes have created an entirely new demand for cheap go carts for sale. The garage welded frame has been replaced with a highly-engineered go kart racing chassis and that old lawnmower engine evolved into one of the most affordable racing engines of all time. Simply called "the Clone", the 4-stroke go cart racing engine has quickly replaced the loud, smelly 2-stroke motors of yesterday. At Jaguar Power Sports, we carry Road Rat adult racing go karts, Road Rat kids racing go karts, the Road Rat Racer LTO oval track racing go karts, fully-caged off-road go karts and bumper go karts for rental applications. All feature the popular clone go kart racing engine. We also have go kart chassis kits for sale that are fully equipped but come with no motor. If you're new go kart racing, we bundled starter packages that include go kart safety equipment, racing gear and go cart accessories to help your race go racing without busting your budget. Before you chase an ad for cheap go carts for sale, give us a call at 904-716-3358 or check our website for new or used clone karts.