Go Karts For Sale

If you're searching online for go karts for sale, then you probably already know about the fastest growing sector in American racing history. Fortunately, our insight into the sport and our love of adventure had us looking for alternatives to the high costs of motor racing long before the downward economic shift. With the major karting organizations, such as the World Karting Association (WKA) and the International Karting Federation (IKF) looking for a "Greener" alternative to the popular 2-stroke racing engine, we knew the traditional 4-stroke small racing engine would provide racers with a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative. What we didn't know was how quickly the stock 4-stroke class in go kart racing would become a huge success. From coast to coast (and North to South), American and Canadian go cart racers have embraced this inexpensive but very competitive go kart racing classification in road racing, sprint kart racing and oval track go cart racing. Sometimes referred to as the "Box Stock" class, go kart divisions for senior, junior and kid go cart drivers are filling up at local go cart racing events, WKA nationals and the Florida Winter Tour. When the speed bug bites you, don't forget to check with Jaguar Power Sports for new racing go carts for sale and used go karts for sale. Don't forget we carry a full line of go kart racing parts and accessories to complement any racing team.